The Drop

Alex: Damn, it seems like nowadays, people only listen to electronic music for the drop. I miss when the entire song was worth listening to.

Silvicious: Well, isn’t that what DJing is for?

Alex: What do you mean?

Silvicious: A whole DJ mix is supposed to keep your attention, and keep the crowd moving, right? So, you’re basically piecing together one super long song tailored to your style.

Alex: Now you put it that way, I think an hour-long song would get really boring, really fast.

Silvicious: Well, it just depends on how you look at it. If the entire song was as good as the “drop,” you’d end up with a lot of energy, a lot of noise, with little to no dynamics.

Alex: Hm…

Silvicious: You can’t appreciate the drop unless you have your dips and “come-downs.”

Alex: But it’s so BORING! There’s virtually nothing going on during the breakdowns!

Silvicious: Depends on what kind of artist you’re listening to… Some of the guys out there can get pretty creative. Plus, you’re basically looking for the exact opposite feeling of the "drop." You need some space to breathe and recoup.

Alex: Hm…

Silvicious: Plus, there's more than just "the drop" in a lot of electronic music out there. Think about house music. It's basically the foundation of EDM.

Alex: Yeah, well...

Silvicous: You’re pretty impossible to convince.

Alex: I just want that energy ALL the time! Some of the drops out there are INSANE!

Silvicious: What happens during a “drop?”

Alex: I go insane! I’m electrified. The music takes a hold of me. The music moves me.

Silvicious: I’m sure there’s some head-banging involved.

Alex: Of course.

Silvicious: Imagine an entire hour or two of straight head-banging, with no breaks. Non-stop jumping, 100% the entire time.

Alex: ... sounds a little disorienting.

Silvicious: You’d be exhausted – you’d probably fall flat on your face by the end of the night.

Alex: Hey, you don’t know me man.

Silvicious: The point is, you can’t enjoy the peaks without the valleys, my friend.

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