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Wake up smoother than ever before with Silvicious Sounds. This collection of tones has been custom designed and tested to ease you out of sleep and get you started on the right foot. This edition of the Alarm Pack Series includes 15 unique sounds ranging anywhere from "smooth & peaceful" to "strange & experimental." Check out the preview video for a few samples of what you can expect. 


Want more? Join Silvicious’ Patreon and get access to the Ringtone Pack Series: Vol. 1. This includes an additional 15 tones that have been pulled from original Silvicious tracks and designed to loop seamlessly. When you join Patreon, you get access to both tone packs, early access to new sounds, and the ability to test and make suggestions for future editions. Follow the link below to learn more and help become part of the process.


iPhone Requirements: Must have iTunes installed on a computer / laptop.

Android Requirements: Download directly to phone.


Attached are detailed instructions to help with installation.

Silvicious Sounds: Alarm Pack Vol. 1

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